Sir Richard Branson’s Pickles: A Tiny Thought

The Guru Speaks

I first heard the name Richard Branson when his only claim to fame was being the editor of Student – an alternative free music paper in the UK, targeted at an extremely lost generation of kids. He is certainly a man who knows his pickles.

His was a very cool alternative voice in late 60’s London, despite only being 16 himself, and he continues to do business while following a strongly non-businesslike way of thinking, which I just love! I came across this set of five Sir Richard philosophies today, from his conversations with Margie Warrell,  and thought that I’d share them.


1. If you aren’t enjoying your work, either change what you do or change how you do it .

2. Treat people kindly, no matter who they are, and it will always reward you.

3. Know your weaknesses and find people to do what you’ll never do well

4. Create a bold vision that doesn’t just make make you better off, but makes others better off.

5. Give yourself permission to make mistakes. You’ll never succeed if you’re not risking them.


I checked them out with our own resident guru, Belle the crazy Briard, and she agrees with every one… to quote “woof, woof, woof”