narrative film post production is all about creating a style for the feature or short that helps to define the story and push the viewer's understanding and experience of the action that tales place and the mood of the characters

The Teeny Narrative Film Portfolio

Being a simplistic bear I tend to think of any of the film and video work that we undertake at CLAi as falling into one of two camps – documentary or narrative based…

These are the two sides of storytelling. In documentary work someone, or a collection of someones, tells a story and often also talk about their conclusions from the outside looking in – the viewer is left to piece together the whole picture from these snippets. In narrative work the story is entirely told and illustrated within the film, but the viewer has to draw their own conclusions from what has been physically been shown to them.

I know it’s a simplistic way of thinking, and doesn’t allow for pieces like dance and performance, but really it is essentially that basic.

In production terms narrative is about pulling out the best talent performances and matching these to perfectly shot footage, just the right selections and immaculate timing in the edit, a great soundtrack and colorist work that elevates the entire production to another level. The nature of this narrative process is that it takes many hands, each taking just one part of the equation to get the best possible outcome.

At CLAi we can provide many of these roles and the equipment that goes with each specialization – while we can DP and direct these projects that is rarely where our talents have the greatest impact in narrative work. We bring the big guns to bear in the pre-production, editing, color grading, DIT and post-management areas where our attention to detail and dedication to the highest quality and perfect execution are best suited.

Documentary production is… well, let’s just say that’s another story altogether!

If you click on the link it will take you to the video and a fuller explanation of all of this good stuff.

  • "She Devil In Disguise" music for the Atomic Aces, shot 4 camera in 4k and RED 5k, produced, directed, shot, edited and color graded by CLAi, film and video production company based in San Francisco San Jose Palo Alto.
    "She Devil In Disguise" A Music Video For The Atomic Aces
  • minds_eye_3_colorist_audio_mix_feature_movie_narrative Desert Sky Pictures
    "Mind's Eye" A Feature Film By Desert Sky Pictures
  • Elle Stanion
    “Love And Other Devices” - A Short Narrative Film By Elle Stanion
  • “SCALP Revisited” is a narrative short film produced and created by the team at CLAi as a 24 hour fun project, with the help of a few friends. This is the darker version re-cut of the piece, which we think is a lot of fun… the film was shot on the RED Epic Dragon in 6k, and written, directed, produced, DP'd and shot, and edited, sound design and audio mixing, color graded and mastered by the CLAi Associates under Alexandra Conway and Chris Layhe here in the San Francisco Bay area.
    “SCALP Revisited” - A Film Short By CLAi
  • the miller prediction, a narrative feature film color graded and finished editing by Chris Layhe and CLAi
    "The Miller Prediction" A Narrative Feature Film