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Hi, I’m Chris Layhe – editor, colorist and post specialist in the San Francisco South Bay area.

I’ve been around the Bay area for nearly fifteen years (after another twenty or so in the business in London and on the East Coast). I’m well known as an award winning editor, color grader and finishing editor on video projects of all types.  These range from huge installations and corporate brand films to broadcast TV ; art films and non-profit videos to web series.  I’m also the online or finished editor and colorist (color corrector, color grader and color grading specialist if you prefer) of a new crop of documentary and narrative feature films every year, with a matching success.

I tend to specialize in large sensor, filmic 4k, 6k and 8k digital cinema post production shot on RED and Arri, but I’m just as effective with any project media.  I combine my years of experience and creativity with cutting edge post production technologies and a gallery of mac pros to edit, color correct, audio finish and master natively in both 1080P and 4k/UltraHD in Santa Cruz – or at your location.  I work across the US and Europe remotely.

I also bring together a company of post production professionals, under the CLAi name… a small but exceptionally talented group of independent post production and production associates that choose to work with me – when appropriate.

It’s a useful add-on for any colorist or editor in what is usually a solo discipline that translates into the ability to quickly scale up or down to meet a project’s needs and budget. Of course, having 24/7 access to a veritable smorgasbord of top flight equipment and CLAi’s two discrete post production studio spaces is the cream on the cake.

CLAi the film and video production company in San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Specializing in videography, video editing on Premiere Pro and color correction on Davinci Resolve for corporate videos and documentary films

One of the best parts of being an Editor and Colorist is that every project is as different and unique as the fascinating people we get to spend time with…

… and those whose stories I’m fortunate enough to tell.

I also have a policy of only taking on a limited number of clients, so that I can offer each of them a highly personalized, but budget and schedule flexible, service at the extremes of creativity and quality.

Every project I touch has its own character and style, every one is focused and each is created to enhance your vision and strongly motivate your audience. To see what my corporate and feature film clients have to say about this please do look under Experience on the top menu, or go to our fuller web site at, or YouTube channel or Vimeo channel to see more…

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