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CLAi Color Grading Reel

“The Art of Color Grading” Chris Layhe & CLAi


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Hi, I’m Chris Layhe – film and video editor, colorist and post-production specialist.  I’ve been around the San Francisco South Bay area for nearly fifteen years (after another twenty or so in the business in London and on the East Coast). I’m well known in Northern California as an award winning editor, color grader and finishing editor (color correction and color grading specialist, if you prefer) on video projects of all types – from huge installations and corporate pieces to broadcast, art films and non-profit pieces.  I’m also the editor and colorist of a new crop of exciting documentary and narrative feature films every year, with matching success.

I tend to specialize in large sensor, filmic 4k, 6k and 8k digital cinema post production shot on RED and Arri, but I’m just as effective with any project media from any camera.  I combine my years of experience and creativity with cutting edge post production technologies and a gallery of mac pros to edit, color correct, audio finish and master natively in 1080P HD, UltraHD or 4k at my studio in Santa Cruz, your own location or (more and more frequently) to work with clients remotely.

Searching For Nepal

“Searching For Nepal” for Phil Deutschle

Jerry Day

“Jerry Day/Move Me Brightly” for TRI Studios

Everything I touch has its own character and style…

…and a major part of my challenge as an editor or a color grader is to ensure that this isn’t lost in the telling of the story. Because it always has to be your character and style that shine through – my work is at it’s best when invisible. So I can always provide complete one stop solutions, I bring together several exceptionally talented independent post production professionals as CLAi Post, when this is appropriate.  This provides the ability to quickly scale up or down and add other disciplines to best meet a project’s needs and budget.

Stories From 20 Years - A Film By Slantyhouse Productions

“Stories From 20 Years” for Slantyhouse Productions

San Jose Ballet Swan Lake Dubstep

“Swan Lake DubStep” for The San Jose Ballet

One of the best parts of being an Editor and Colorist is that every project…

…is as different and unique as the fascinating people we get to spend time with, and those whose stories I’m fortunate enough to tell. So while I do spend much of my time editing, color grading and audio finishing long form commercials and corporate branding projects, I can be extremely indie film and arts friendly, with brutally discounted but realistic rates, a truckload and a half of festival awards and multiple distribution deals to prove it! In 2016 I was selected as the 38th member of the Colorist Society International for my creative grading work on feature films – an extremely cool honor from the industry’s film elite!  It drives me even more to never accept “good enough” on a project, regardless of budget.
Hopefully you see this in the five examples on this page, with some of my favorite work… and if you like what you see, then please do check out the portfolio pages…

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