CLAi the film and video production company in San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Specializing in videography, video editing and color correction for corporate videos and documentary films

A Few Corporate Testimonials

Branding videos, advertising commercials, marketing projects, non-profit groups and startup PR and fundraising videos make up a high percentage of CLAi’s corporate work…

As a group the Corporate Video category is incredibly broad in the range of pieces produced, the complexity, time available and the budgets to achieve them. That means performing extremely well – or better – to make each and every project a success makes some very heavy demands on a company’s experience and skill, and those of each and every individual working on the production…

Fortunately creative pressure is one of the areas where we at Chris Layhe and the Associates excel, and we consistently create exceptionally effective corporate marketing, corporate advertising and corporate documentary projects!

For a client, making the right choice between a barrel full of shiny production company / creative agency apples is tricky.  Discovering the reality of your potential partner’s ability, the budgets they promise to meet and the quality they promise to deliver, often ends up as a subjective guessing game without hard facts to work from.

But the one thing about this mixture of programs that we call Corporate Video Production is that at the end of the project it suddenly becomes very objective, as hard reality hits and you either raised the money or didn’t, sold the product or it failed, built the company or started the next one.

That’s why I have included quite a few short testimonials from our clients – notes they have shared with us after the results of a production have been measured and the last invoice has been paid…

Our film, documentary and narrative clients tell a similar story, and this is matched with the recognition in awards that we have won for video and film post production from our peers.

Video Testimonials