Ten Things To Give Up And Work Happy

I came across this list of things to give up if you want to work happy – a post of a posts so I can’t give anyone credit for it, but it struck a chord with me and so I thought I’d share it, and just maybe try to make a few changes myself…

The film and video industry all too often runs on the fear that every job could be our last, which is a great fuel for self doubt and generally being screwed up!  So try giving up:

1.  Complaining.

2.  Limiting beliefs.

3.  Blaming others.

4.  Negative self-talk.

5.  Dwelling on the past.

6.  Resistance to change.

7.  Needing to impress others.

8.  Having to always be right.

9.  Wanting the approval of others.

10. Believing your own hype.

As always I checked them out with our own resident guru, Belle the crazy Briard, and she agrees with every one… to quote “woof, woof, woof” – she is a very perceptive wee beastie sometimes.