“Swan Lake Dubstep” A Ballet & Music Video

“Swan Lake Dubstep” The Dance Art & Music Video

At CLAi We Really Enjoy Shooting And Editing Music And Dance Programs – We Saw an Opportunity To Combine Both For A Bit Of Fun After Shooting The San jose Ballet Dancing Swan Lake

In conjunction with the RED Alliance, CLAi were fortunate enough to shoot at the San Jose Ballet for two fabulous nights of live performances and 2 rehearsals of Swan Lake with four RED cameras.  By the magic of simply moving the camera positions between each of the identical performances this equated to a 16 camera RED shoot. The production agency, Rick Singer (who was also the video Producer), edited the entire performance as a linear program but we thought it would be loads of fun to go another direction with the footage… dubstep!  Who would have imagined such a thing!!!

This piece would have been dreadfully dull had it not been for the excellent camera team pulled together by myself and Jason Beckwith, and our joint expertise with RED cameras shooting slow motion footage and individual mastery of the long shot.

Director of Photography: Chris Layhe
Cinematographers: Chris Layhe, Art Adams, Caroline Harrison, Stephen Lovett & Jason Beckwith
DIT: David Ives
Camera Guide & Muse: Arthur Rosato
Avid Symphony Editors: Alexandra Conway & Chris Layhe
Color Grading: Chris Layhe & Alexandra Conway

Soundtrack: all rights reserved
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