“Modarri” A Kickstarter Video For Thoughtful Toys

Modarri – A Kickstarter Video For Thoughtful Toys

This is the kick starter crowdfunding campaign video created by Chris Layhe and CLAi for the highly innovative company thoughtful toys to drive their kick starter crowdfunding campaign for the Modarri line of Finger drive toy cars.

Modarri vehicles are a totally new approach to the toy car, which are steered and propelled in much the same way as the finger skateboards of the 1980’s, and are built with real nuts and bolts to enable a user to reformat them with spare parts and use other cars to build new concepts… very cool stuff from some very clever guys.

(I’m sure you want to know – yes, Modarri did make their goal of $20,000… they actually raised $69,349 from the campaign, around 350% of target, so we have to count this video as a major success, like all of our other investment raising videos to date)

CLAi’s program, written and designed by Chris Layhe, introduced the cars, the team and the concept as well as showing the details of how these tiny cars function to be different to anything else on the market – for the Kickstarter. Then, with an edit or three, to work just as successfully as the main promotional video to market the toy on their web site, which was always part of our project design. Modarri and the ThoughtFull Toys guys gave us the creative freedom to have fun with their product and bring together a video that looks and sounds far more expensive than it was, along with our signature quality driven quirkiness and subtle humor!

Chris Layhe and the CLAi team shot the video with three cameras over a two day period, Chris was the Director and DP for this, Alexandra Conway: Production Manager and Camera, Brett Simms: RED Camera Operator, Sarah Jeremiah: Camera Operator, Arthur Rosato: Audio Recordist, and the CLAi team handled all of the editing, color grading and mastering, as well as sound design, animated graphics and sourcing the personal library footage.

To find out more about this project and the people who made it happen go to kickstarter.com/projects/thoughtfultoys and modarri.com .  

To find out more about the full video production services offered by CLAi please go to CLAi.tv.