“K2C” A Marketing Video For The City Of San Francisco

“K2C” for The City Of San Francisco

Our first project for the city, and an opportunity to meet some of the nicest folk in the world…

This video was produced by CLAi for the City of San Francisco to be used to reach out to the Spanish speaking communities of the County to introduce a unique crossover concept in education and community, and is a piece that we were very honored to create and be a part of.

Kindergarten to College is the first universal and automatic children’s savings program in the United States. K2C was started by the City and County of San Francisco, in partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). The program was designed to put every kindergartner in SFUSD on a path to college from the first day of school. Each eligible child starts kindergarten with a savings account, containing an initial deposit of $50 from the City and County of San Francisco. Children and families can contribute to the account throughout their K-12 years.

As it is entirely in Spanish there were some challenges, particularly in editing the many hours of footage combined with the “interesting” speech patterns used by young children. But we worked out solutions to this and crafted an extremely successful program, helping to attract a huge sign up for what is a complicated financial and social vehicle for change.

This video was produced for K2C through the City and County of San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment, with assistance from the Mission Promise Neighborhood, by CLAi, Director, DP and Scriptwriter, Chris Layhe, Produced by Alexandra Conway, Executive Producers Carol Lei and Annie Liu, Editor, Colorist, Sound Design and Mastering by Chris Layhe and the CLAi team.

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