“Super Falcon, Monaco Yacht Show” A Corporate Marketing Video For DeepFlight

Super Falcon, Monaco Yacht Show – for DeepFlight

The Super Falcon video was created for the Monaco International Yacht Show 2013…

This video was for general DeepFlight PR and promotional use at the Monaco International Yacht Show, in 2013, and is part of an ongoing series of videos that we have created for the company, and their amazing personal submersibles.

Some might say that putting two videos on similar subjects for the same client in your samples is excessive, but I just loved shooting, editing and color grading everything that we have done for DeepFlight – so hey, it makes the cut!

The Super Falcon footage was shot by the GoPro extreme team who came back from the tropics with hours of great footage. The challenge was to make a story out of what is essentially purely visual images, and tie that together with some excellent audio work.  So this piece was a collaborative post project with CLAi’s Chris Layhe and Alexandra Lomas both getting hands on with the editing, color grading and sound design – we actually made four versions of this piece with different story lines for the client to choose from… and they chose to use all four of them!

To find out more about this project and the people who made it happen go to deepflight.com