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Deepflight are a client who constantly challenge our creativity and technical prowess in every aspect of post production to match their own unique character. Shot by GoPro, post directing, edited and color grading by Chris Layhe at CLAi

All about CLAi

Talking About Yourself : One Sweet Little Mystery

As an Englishman it is beaten into you from an early age that you must never say anything positive about yourself, as it just isn’t the done thing – instead you have to give carefully worded hints and hand signs in some strange 14th century code. It makes About Us a somewhat tricky subject to write around.

Of course, this goes against everything that is American and decent – but how do you fight so many years of that British imperialist training pounded into you by straight-edge nannies and perfectly-proper prep school prefects? James Veitch knows about this too, in case you are getting bored and want a short break from my waffling.

Well, it seems to me that the best way is to let other people say what they think about CLAi and the work that we do… and so here are a few of the most recent film and video production testimonials that we have received from some of our clients, with a wider selection in the film and video testimonial sections (which even use words like “freaking” – that I could never say to this day, even after being a US citizen for 18 or so years).

If you like what they have to say, then I think that you will like the other sections in this area so do check out the pages… especially our Rules To Live By, a deep insight into the alleged brain of our franco-hungarian Briard puppy, Belle.

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